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Social Media Manager & Local Ambassador GERMANY

“The words ‘pests’ and ‘weeds’ are only a reflection of a secularly held prejudice that plants and animals only exist to serve or rejoice, and that we have a discretionary right over them. These words are the direct representation of our egocentrism (or anthropocentrism), our ignorance and our narrow-mindedness. The animals considered as harmful are only considered as such by us, and the same goes for the so-called bad weeds. In reality, we are just one of many species. And let me add that in the face of the multiplied extinction of species happening today, of which we are responsible, it is us who deserve the moniker of a pest species, as we are the ones who are highly detrimental to the harmony and preservation of biodiversity“ – Hubert Reeves

Do you recognize yourself in this quote? If so, keep on reading. Almo Nature Benefit Corporation and its unique shareholder, Fondazione Capellino (the Capellino Foundation), have created an unconventional economic model: an international pet food company that uses its entire profit to develop projects that support dogs, cats and preserve biodiversity. Those projects are run and developed by Fondazione Capellino and aim to change the status quo and redesign an abuse-free world, where every species can live together with one another in harmony as intended by nature.

We are looking for a social media manager and local ambassador committed to creating a highly engaged and super-responsive community in Germany. She/he will directly feed the social media ecosystem of Almo Nature / Fondazione Capellino, creating high-quality content (copy, visual and video material) and scouting for valuable stakeholders’ contributions and securing support from online influencers. She/he will also manage the direct relationship with audiences of the company’s social media platforms in Germany and with territorial organization ralated to the Foundation projects.

Do you have the following skills?

  • At least 2 years’ experience in social media management for international brands/projects, with good understanding and use of major social listening tools
  • Experience in creative photo shooting, filming, video editing, visual content for social media
  • Excellent writing skills with a keen awareness of the communication needs of different audiences
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, enabling you to work with colleagues cooperatively and collaboratively in the team and across the organization
  • Excellent use of business analytics to create audiences and promote content
  • A positive ‘can-do’ attitude and excellent work ethic
  • A positive attitude to create community online and offline
  • An appreciation and understanding of our values and the desire to have an impact in this world.

Do you recognize yourself in this? Than send us your cover letter and CV by April 21st.

Wir suchen: Social Media Manager & Local Ambasador Germany with an independent and creative mindset for unconventional approaches and a big heart.


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