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Creative Social Media Specialist

29 maart 2018

We’re looking for a social savvy, digital native to join our Brand Publishing team at VodafoneZiggo. You will focus on both the Vodafone and Ziggo brand.

You will develop and implement social & new media strategies, dynamic creatives and be the expert on branded social content and data. Your goals will be to increase brand favorability and brand preference (this is not a performance marketing role).

Within the Brand & Communications department we use different brand assets and communication strategies to prove our brand promises ‘the Future is exciting. Ready?’and ‘Het plezier van Ziggo’. One of the strategies is brand publishing: creating value for customers by creating content and social activities that nobody wants to miss out on. Your role is to contribute to the development and execution of our publishing strategy on social media as well as supporting the whole Brand & Communications department on fully utilising the possibilities of new media.

The brand publishing team:

A team of 9 social savvy, creative people who are passionate about storytelling and social media. We concept, create, produce and distribute all kinds of branded content and social creatives. We work for both Vodafone and Ziggo, and are part of Brand & Communications department that focuses on consumers.
You’ll work closely with communications managers, media managers, brand engagement specialists, digital marketers, media agencies and advertising agencies.

This is how you do it:
* You have a deep understanding of the ways of Snapchat, Instagram and Youtube.
* You have clear and compelling ideas how to create social creatives.
* You monitor social campaigns and reputation closely.
* You initiate and contribute to the launch of planned and spontaneous social activities and campaigns.
* You work closely together with media managers and media agencies, to optimise social media buying.
* You create and distribute what is needed to reach and engage different targets groups.
* You manage projects precisely and know how to keep your different stakeholders happy.

You’ve got what it takes
* You know everything about social – and new media. Just everything. Period.
* Wide (medior/senior) experience in the creative industry from working at an advertising agency/media agency/advertiser/tech company.
* Know your way around in the Dutch media landscape and know how to build kick-ass (always on) campaigns with the use of social media.
* You are very familiar with content marketing/branded content/brand publishing, whatever you wanna call it: creating awesome (branded) stories to engage.
* Since 2017 it’s been all about video, so are you.
* Since we operate in the Dutch market, you are fluent in this language.

Ticked all the boxes? Our perfect candidate also has:
* An Academic/Master’s degree in marketing communication and/or media studies.
* Affinity with marketing (analytical) and brand strategy (conceptual, creative).
* Affinity with sponsorships, commercial campaigning and media management
* Experience with brand publishing/content marketing/branded content
* Affinity with PR

You deserve it
* an ambitious employer. We want the best for you and your colleagues
* a good salary. Perfectly in line with your background, and partly based on Kabel & Telecom’s collective labour agreement
* financial benefits. These include special agreements concerning annual leave, pension and other tax-friendly schemes
* potential for growth. We offer full opportunities for growth. It’s up to you to take advantage of them

Who we are
VodafoneZiggo is the result of two strong Dutch companies joining forces. Since January 2017 we have formed a powerful combination in the Netherlands. As a communication provider, we offer our clients the best in entertainment, mobile telephony, fixed-line telephony, and internet. Our products and services inspire people, companies and society to come into contact with each other–whether they are on the road, at home or in the workplace.

With over 8,000 employees, we are an ambitious, dynamic, and socially committed enterprise. Proud of our achievements and of the people we work with, we offer all our staff abundant opportunity for personal development.

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