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The Best Social Summer School (EN)

18 mei 2018

Come create creative content at The Best Social Summer School!

You might not have a lot of teachable moments during your summer vacation. Unless you count learning that falling asleep in the burning sun is not very appeeling, or that summer romances will get out of sight, out of mind, but not out of your timeline. But still, summer holidays are for relaxing, not for learning. But what if you learn while doing something you really enjoy, or gain skills in something you’ve always wanted to learn? And then doing all of that at a company along the canals of Amsterdam, while navigating the international social channels of The Best Social.

Are you an eager student who loves social media and wants to make it an even better place? Do you consume more videos than food? Are you talented and do you need a place to express it? Then come and make creative content at The Best Social Summer School. And don’t worry, there’s room for that vacation you already booked.

The Best Social Media – DE / ENG:

Learn to create content, with the focus on video production, for The Best Social Media’s German and English platforms. Where your ideas and creativity are the input, and the output entails social video’s, relatable love posts or spot on gif-tweets. Are you a Dutch student with international ambitions? Be our guest. Is English your native language? You are more than welcome! And it goes without saying that we wish all German students a ‘Herzlich Willkommen’ to our social school of creation and education!


  • Duration: 8 weeks between June and August
  • Days a week: at least 4
  • Compensation: 500 euros a month based on 40 hours a week
  • You are a student at a Dutch college or university
  • You have your own laptop that can manage Adobe software
  • Some Photoshop and Premiere experience is good to have
  • You’ll have free lunch every day. It might come with some bad puns on the side, though.
  • We don’t compensate travel expenses
  • You can expect intensive coaching and guidance from our driven (and sometimes even fun) colleagues
  • If you planned a holiday, we can schedule the eight weeks around it in mutual consent.

We zoeken: Eager students who like to make social media an even better place this summer.


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